How can I easily put a new item in two places?

I have been adding items through the connector to "Unfiled." What I would like to do sometimes is take the new item and add it to two different folders:

1. the folder where it will live for use in citations (the "topic folder") and
2. the "to read" folder where (I hope) I will find it and read it.

But when I first drag and drop it from "Unfiled," it goes into the topic folder and vanishes from Unfiled, so I have to go poke around and find it again. Is there some way to move it to these two locations without losing track of it in this way?

  • OK, never mind! Now I see that I was doing the wrong thing. I created a tag, "ReadMe", then made a saved search for that tag and now I have a saved search of items to read, and my problem is solved.
    I was using a collection where I should have used a saved search.
  • Unfiled is special, though (it´s basically a saved search for "this item isn´t in any collection). All other collections work exactly the way you're asking, i.e. if you drag an item from collection A to collection B it is then in both collections, A and B.
  • I also found that ZotFile would let me move stuff to my tablet for reading and annotation! Brilliant!

    Now all I need is to actually find time to read things again!
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