Summary table showing articles versus tags/themes

Dear all,

I'd like to export/build a table from a group Library in which I'd have Articles/references in the vertical axis and some themes/subjects in the horizontal one (either tags or collection/sub-collections) in order to have an overview of the correspondence between our references and the themes.

The idea is that we've defined some major themes/subjects to be covered by our collaborative bibliographical study and we'd like to put some marks (crosses) for articles that treat a theme/subject in the above mentioned table. In that way, we'd have an overview of the themes treated and the ones for which references are still needed.

First of all, I don't know whether to use tags or collections/sub-collection. I like collection since sub-collection can be defined and the themes we've defined are organized with sub-structure too.

Is there a functionality / add-on that could help us in that way?

Best regards,
Nicolas Germain
  • I am not sure but I think this output cannot be prepared directly in the Zotero. But you can export data from Zotero and you can use Excel or similar tool for creating a contingency table.
    On another side, there is no automatic way to do this. In all way (which I see) you have to manually edit the output from the Zotero.
  • It sounds like work to which Delphi could be applied, although you would have a job preparing exported Zotero data for digestion by the visualizer.
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