Make Scrivener and Zotero works together

  • Love that video. Do this, do that, doesn't mathuuur :) doesn't describe cayw though.
  • I would wholeheartedly support proper integration between Zotero and Scrivener!
  • @janegoesdigital That is entirely incumbent on Scrivener providing an API for apps like Zotero to integrate with. Absent that, there isn’t anything Zotero can do.
  • And multiple people have asked L&L (the makers of Scrivener); for my part, I simply never got an answer beyond the stock "you can configure the shortcut to..." which is almost entirely useless in this context.
  • For my part, I received a proper scolding from enthusiastic users who were aghast that the tool might be afflicted with functionality that they themselves would not use. The developer who chimed in was more civil, and just indicated that they had a manpower shortage, and it wasn't really a priority.
  • Oh yes, their fan base can be absolutely fierce about every perceived limitation just being a fantastic feature unappreciated by mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers. I've been a participant in vi-emacs "debates" and I much prefer those - at least both sides there had actual arguments for their tools rather than "adding that would ruin it for everyone!"
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