Groups subgroups and/or collections

Am I just missing something obvious, or am I correct that one cannot have either subgroups or collections within groups? It seems the latter is particularly critical for groups to be useful.

A concrete use case I'm interested in for this Fall:

I teach a seminar in which I want to have groups of readings by week.

I also want to divide students into groups based on interest, and for them each to develop a collaborative list of references on that topic.
  • Hmm ... looking at the zotero 2.0 blog post screenshot, it seems I am incorrect. Am perhaps just having some UI issue then. I can't drag-and-drop a collection on a group successfully. I do see that I can create a collection directly from the group though. Might be worth considering adding some more flexibility here going forward.
  • You can keep literature collections in groups (and subcollections too):

    In the Zotero client, right click on the group library to create a collection.

    I'd propose two top-level collections for you: topic and week. Then put sub-collections under each of these.

    You are correct that there aren't "subgroups." This might be useful eventually, but either creating different groups or using collections seem to be adequate choices for a lot of things, including course management (as such a group is likely to be relatively small).
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    Made the previous post before I saw your second post.
    I can't drag-and-drop a collection on a group successfully
    Yes; this has been reported several times. Presumably, this will change in a future release.
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