Zotero connector localization?


I work in a place where using Zotero makes people think you're a rocket engineer.
And when switching to Zotero 5, with Zotero Connector only in english, I realized that it could be a problem to make people accept to use it.
I personally don't care, but some of my colleagues are totally lost. One just clicked on the browser icon when Zotero wasn't running, and called me because he thought he broke something.

Two questions:
Are there plans to translate Zotero Connector?
Is there a way I can contribute?
  • It's not currently possible, but it's definitely planned. We'll post here once it's available.

    In everyday use of the Connector there's not really a lot of text to read, though. The message when Zotero isn't running is certainly the most confusing part, but, to be fair, that's confusing even in English — so that's really just something people need to understand once (i.e., it's better if Zotero is running) and then it shouldn't really be an issue.
  • Thanks for the answer Dan. I've created an account on transifex.
    Waiting for your go :)
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