System, languaje and other not exported on software type


I have the last Zotero version and I'm working without problems, but some fields are not being exported. The critical of them are in software type, where system and programming languaje aren't exported.
I'm using BibLaTex to export (BetterBibLaTex in fact, buth both of them don't export these fields) and I have not these fields in export filter on preferences.
Other fields of software type, as location, are exported normally, I think.

  • The biblatex manual says:
    The language(s) of the work. Languages may be specified literally or as localisation
    keys. If localisation keys are used, the prefix lang is omissible. See also
    origlanguage and compare langid in § 2.2.3
    So language seems to refer to the localization of the program more than the programming language it was written in. The manual also lists no fields for the "software" type, so there's no set meaning for "system" (what does it mean in Zotero BTW?) But if you open an issue on we can see what can be done.
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    Yes, definitely don't use language to refer to the programming language in Zotero, either; that would cause weird outcomes as it's used for localization too (currently only disabling title case, but very likely more in the future). this is incorrect, see below

    System refers to the OS in Zotero's computerProgram -- I don't know how important that information is and it probably was a lot more relevant in 2006, but anyway, that's what it's for.
  • In Zotero, the Language field is used to refer to the programming language and is mapped to CSL genre, unlike all of the other items. This is something that will hopefully change in Zotero 5.1.
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    As I was wondering about that you two said, previously to my question I read on the Zotero documentation if languaje field is able to be used as languaje programming (and it is, supposedly: “Language - The programming language a computer program is written in. Note that Computer Program uses the Language field differently than other items”) and if system is able to be used as platforms or OS (ant it is too: “System - The operating system or platform a computer program is written for”).

    Answering Adam about how important is system on my work, I must say it is related to Gamedev, so bibliography in my thesis has a subbibliography named “Ludography” wherein I add the games, publisher, developer... and platforms of the games. Because, e. g., it is not the same “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” that was released in PS1 that the one on GBC (they are totally different products, in fact).

    So it is really annoying to me that languaje field behaviour, because I can't add the engine or languaje programming used, and the system field not being exported, because I lost important information.


    P.S.: thanks you for answering and sorry my bad English.

    P.P.S.: thanks bewiernik!
  • The language field is mapped to "genre"? Then what is Film-Genre mapped to? I thought "type" was mapped to "genre"?
  • Oh and yeah, setting "language" will also steer BBTs caps handling.
  • Language is only mapped to genre for computerProgram. It's unmapped and used for localization for everything else (which was the source of my confusion above)
  • @bwiernik so this is a special case then for computerProgram? It is only there that "language" is mapped to "genre"? I see that internally, computerProgram has a "programmingLanguage" field that is not mapped to a base field. Is that the field that is populated for exporters?
  • Ha, got it, it does show up in "programmingLanguage" for "computerProgram". So @rgv_ , if you want to join me on, we can get this sorted.
  • Yes, special case for computerProgram that Language is mapped to genre. For other item types, “Type” or similar is mapped to genre.
  • That's also specific for the use of citeproc-js. Exporters get programmingLanguage.
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    @emilianoeheyns I opened another thread unintentionally while answering here. T.T
  • @rgv_ I don't see any other thread, but if you want me to make changes to bbt, you'll have to open an issue at . I can't track my work here properly.
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    Thanks you two!

    Issue created. I rewrite what I was saying in this first post with a bit more information that you added here. Sorry, my English doesn't afford me more...
  • No worries, it's not my first language either.
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