Style error: Behavioral ecology and sociobiology

I am looking for a clarification in the bibliography format of Behavioral ecology and sociobiology. The journal says to add an et al in the bibliography if the author names exceed 10. But in my case I find an et al added for articles which have more than 3 authors but less than 10.
Ex. Baskaran S, Kaliraj P, Maruthupandian J, et al (2015) Influence of rain activity of the Indian Flying Fox Pteropus giganteus. Indian J Sci 15:6–12
The number of authors in this article is 5 but the format provides an et al extension which does not go in concordance with the Journal's expectation.
  • Yes, you are right. BES style is dependent on the Springer Basic with use "et-al for 5 and more authors. It looks like we need a new specific style for et-al = 10+ authors.

    @Rintze @adamsmith is better way to create style only for this specific journal (I am not sure if any other Springer journals use "et al" for 10+ authors) or create general Springer Basic et-al 10+ style?
  • Good question. Let me check tonight if there's already a Springer with et al for 10+ available for a different journal -- this sounds familiar. If it is, we'll create a general style. If there isn't, we'll make one just for BES
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