Copying studies between libraries

Hi all,

I was copying studies between libraries (i had one group library and wanted to create an identical second) and due to issues with storage, not all the studies copied. so to be clear, Library 1 had 500 studies, Library 2 ended up with 400 (but I wanted all 500). i put in a bit of work organizing Library 2, and don't want to simply start over again. Is there an easy way to figure out which studies were the 100 that did not copy from Library 1 to 2?

  • If you AGAIN drag-drop all 500 items from Library 1 to 2, then Zotero will only copy the 100 that are not existing in Library 2 (and ignore the 400 that already exist in Library 2). Does that help?

    Before you try this, wait for another user to confirm what I describe will happen.
    Maybe @adamsmith
  • Thanks @gurdas but it didn't work, it copies all 500 again.
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    That shouldn’t be the case unless the items are not actually the same (i.e., duplicate items). Can you submit a Debug Log ID (in the help menu) for trying to drag 1 item that is already in the other library?
  • If the second attempt copied all 500 items, then Library 2 has 900 (400 + 500) items? And 400 pairs show up in "Duplicate Items" folder?

    Can you describe exactly how you are moving items from Library 1 to 2? For my described method, the best thing would be to create a temporary collection in Library 2 and darg-drop all 500 items from Library 1 in to this temporary collection. If everything worked as it should, THEN, this temporary collection will only have the 100 items that do not already exist in Library 2, and now you can organize these 100 items.
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