Zotero crashes on transferring citations to any subfolder in the library

Since installing Zotero 2.0, I've noticed firefox completely freezes up for a long time when I drag citations to folders on the left pane. The time it freezes seems to be roughly proportional to the number of files being dragged over (eventually it gets out, but firefox doesn't respond for >10minutes). This has happened several times.

I am running Firefox 3.0.10 on Windows XP. I will try to generate a log file and upload it, but firefox is currently frozen. I have also been unable to sync any of my citations to the web to date (but I think this is an unrelated bug).
  • Mentioned on another thread, but since that was mainly about another issue, we can continue this one here.

    Current status: We're looking into it.
  • How many items are you trying to drag when you see this sort of delay?
  • I am having the same problem ... about 200 will do it ... I haven't done more testing so I don't know what the lower bound is ...

  • I am having the same issue with about 15 or more citations being dragged at one setting the bug off, crashing Zotero/Firefox (Vista SP1 w/ Firefox 3.0.10). Additionaly, dragging even 1 citation causes Firefox to hang for several minutes, with a significant spike in processing/ram allocation (~ 50/60%).
  • goatrockresearch: Does the hang with one citation happen each time you try the drag, or only the first time?

    Also, by "crashing Zotero/Firefox" do you just mean that it's freezing Firefox, or something else?
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