Series Editor and Contributor do not appear in ciation and bibliography

I've tried many times and couldn't make appear the Series Editor and Contributor...
What am i supposed to do?
  • Can anyone help show these two items in citation and bibliography?
  • We'd need a few more details. What citation style are you using?
    Generally in Zotero, you'll have the author of the chapter filled in with Author and then the editors of the series under Editors.
  • İ am using Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (full note) and want to make some changes at different places in this Style...
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    You can try to edit the style in the
  • Chicago 16 Full note will already include the series editors. E.g. Hall and Soskice here. If you don't see these, then it has nothing to do with the style, but the way your data is entered within Zotero.

    Isabela Mares, “Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?,” in Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, ed. Peter A Hall and David Soskice (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), 184–213
  • “Contributor” is not mapped to any CSL variable and should generally be used for persons who contributed to a work but shouldn’t be cited (e.g., “Smith with Jones”).
  • Many reports have 'editors' as well. Why is that option not available?

    As workaround 'series editors' can be selected. But these entries are not or rarely used in citation. Or, I cannot find any style that does.
  • You can enter editor into Extra like this:
    Editor: Last || First A.

    Citation styles will pick that up.
  • Thank you.
    Editor: last name || first name
    Editor: last name || first name
    etc. Right?

    Is there an easy way to check which styles use Editor at all? Seems not to be the majority of the default Styles
  • Most styles will substitute editors if there are no authors for the report (like with books).
  • Yes. Thing is that if you do have authors AND editors (happens quite often), the editors in many styles are not mentioned. Which is rather unlucky (if editor is the most important). But e.g. ZooKeys does always mention Editors.

    Can I check somewhere which styles will always mention Editors?
  • no, there's no easy way to do that. But I'd say it's fairly common, so you shouldn't have to try too many before finding one.
    Alternatively you could use and use the Borges book (which has an editor) to search for similar styles.
  • nice link! thank you.
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