Stand alone issues

Hi all,
I am using Zotero stand alone and after an update a couple of days ago I have noticed some problems. (I am using version First, it is running very slow. In addition, when I drag a PDF file in to add it, sometimes the file gets added, sometimes not. I sometimes have to try multiple times for the PDF to actually get copied into the folder, or restart Zotero completely before the new file shows up. Also, when I close out of the stand alone client, it doesn't seem to be closing out so I get a message that I already have an instance of Zotero running. I am using Windows 7 OS. Has anyone else been having trouble since the most recent update?
  • We'd want to see a Debug ID for an operation that's slow or not working for you.
  • Not sure if this captured it, but here is one output report: D1346341742
  • One issue is that when dragging a PDF into a folder, it will take a long time to show up. Sometimes it won't show up unless I shut down Zotero and restart it. Other times the file does not copy correctly (even though the PDF file will appear as though it copied). At that point I have to delete the PDF file and drag and copy the file again. These problems have only been happening over the past 4-5 days.

    I will try creating another report specifically in the PDF drag and copy process to see if that captures the problem.
  • Here is a report I just submitted (D729510504). I dragged a PDF file to be copied into a folder. However, the file is not showing up in the folder. I restarted Zotero and the PDF file now appears in the folder (D1333466803). But the file was not copied properly so now I have to delete it and try copying it again (when the file does not copy properly, a command to retrieve metadata results in a message that says that OCR text could not be read - the report is here D1133006317).
  • Does this happen if you disable ZotFile?
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