Inserting DOI Reference in IEEE Style

I'm just wondering how to edit the IEEE style, using the csl editor, to include the DOI number.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
  • On my phone, but in the macro named issued add <text variable="doi"/> after the date stuff. This is just one way of doing it.
  • In the Visual Editor, click on the Layout node under Bibliography, then click the + button. In the popup, choose Text. Change Type to "Variable" and choose DOI from the dropdown menu.

    You will want to add something to the prefix field. I recommend "" (note the space at the beginning).

    Then, be sure to change the style name and ID in the Info node at the top and save the style.
  • Thanks all! ^^
    Actually, I add
    (if variable="DOI" match="any")
    (text variable="DOI" prefix=""/)

    (macro name="access")

    Thank you for your considerations!
  • Note that the access macro is currently only used in the bibliography for webpage and post-weblog items. If you put the DOI in that macro, you should add the access macro to the end of the bibliography layout (and also remove it from the webpage conditional).
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