Zotfile adding nul-line after %%EOF causing file to corrupt

Note: this is just FYI, my problem is solved, but perhaps the info is relevant to you.

Using Windows 10, Zotero 5.0.29, Zotfile 5.0.6 (though the errors date from last summer, I can't recall which versions I had back then).

I use Zotfile to store all pdf's of my references on a custom location, which is on an external server. Last summer at the university I had to migrate all my data to another location. For these pdf's files, I simply relied on Zotfile to move them to the new location - which went excellent. Only after a while I noticed that some pdf-files were corrupted and couldn't be opened. In retrospect I realize it only occurred with pdf-files in which I had highlighted some text or added a comment - though I can't say whether it happened to all of such files. Our local IT guy noticed the moved files were slightly bigger than the originals (I kept a back-up). The only difference when the pdf files are opened in Notepad++ is that in the moved (and corrupted) versions after "%%EOF" a final line is added, after "%%EOF", saying NUL NUL NUL NUL, etc. When I delete that line with Notepad++, the pdf file functions back as normal.
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