Can't see middle initial in Zotero pane


Using Firefox 3.0.10 and Zotero 2.0b3 and I noticed that the middle initial is not displayed separately in the right panel of the Zotero GUI. Is there an option where the middle initial is displayed as a separate item?

The reason I became aware of this is that I had two references that had been imported from endnote via RIS format that were not grouping in the bibliography. The AU tag in the RIS file had "Cropper, S. C." for one reference and "Cropper, S." for another (both the same author, me). I standardized all my references so they were all "Cropper, S." from the Zotero GUI but these references were still being separated as if the initials "S. C." were still present. It was not until I applied the double version (using the picklist that appears while editing the author field) then the single version (using the same technique) I was able to shake the problem and the bibliography was formatted as expected.

The only way I can explain this is that the middle initial is stored in a separate field or used an the index somewhere. Are middle initials stored separately or are they included in the firstname field? Is there a way of recreating the indexes?


Postscript - this problem reappeared after the bibliography was updated, and continued to reappear despite reentering the reference, exporting and importing reference, stripping the fieldcodes in the report and reapplying. What I did find out though was that if I create a completely new file either in Word 2000 or Writer -- The problem does not occur: All the references sort in the bibliography correctly.

This means that something is in the word document, apart from the citation and bibliography fieldcodes that have not been updated correctly. Originally the document had endnote citations, then they were stripped of these and replaced with Zotero Citations (v 1) then replaced again with (v1.5), all changes with no apparent problems. The transition from 1.5 to 2.0 though has resulted in this problem.
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