Strange results when dragging-and-dropping a PDF file into Zotero

I couldn't remember whether adding PDF files to Zotero by dragging them from the file system was implemented yet, so I simply tried it. The drag-and-drop operation was apparently successful. However, the new item added to "My Library" had some strange properties.

1. It did not appear in My Library until I refreshed that list by either restarting Firefox, or selecting a saved search then reselecting My Library.

2. "View File" and "Show File" do nothing.

3. It has a garbled file name containing various URL codes like %20.

4. When I dragged it onto an existing item, the new item was not created as a sub-item.

I assume this feature is not meant to be available yet; but why the strange partial drag-and-drop behaviour?
  • Dragging files in from the filesystem wasn't supported—what you were seeing was just a fluke on Windows. File dragging is now implemented on the dev branch, however.

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