Taylor & Francis import problem author name

edited February 1, 2018
For example: DOI 10.1300/J081V01N01_04

Clearly, this is partially the fault of the way T&F parses author names in their metadata but I hope that Zotero may be able to compensate for this despite the publisher's flaw.

Importing the above record results in the author name being a Zotero 2-field:
PhD,Shirley L. O'Bryant

If I delete the "PhD" from the last name field and then convert to single field mode and back to 2-field mode the resulting name is (last),Shirley L. O'Bryant.

If I first convert the original 2-field before deleting the PhD to a single field, then delete the PhD, and then convert back to 2-field; the name is correct as "O'Bryant, Shirley L."

Incidentally, the RIS export of this article has the author name correct. Only the embedded metadata (header) has the author name in a single string with the PhD and even then, there is no comma separator./EDIT

I think that I recall that with earlier versions of Zotero I could delete the incorrect last name quickly cycle to single field and then back to 2-field mode and the "(last)" would be recognized by Zotero as not part of the author name. Am I remembering something that didn't exist?

Incidentally, I've written to the publisher requesting that they fix this and other problems with their metadata. I did receive a reply about 2 weeks ago that suggested: 1) they didn't agree that their metadata improper; and 2) they would be making major changes to their website appearance and security structure soon. If other readers of this forum also have issues with T&F I hope that they (you) will also write to request that the metadata problems be fixed.

In the past, publishers took care that their metadata was correct. Incorrect metadata brought about improper citations to their articles. Without proper citations the journal Impact Factor will suffer. I made this suggestion to another publisher's I&A team and was told that Clarivate now compensates for "miscitations". I don't know if that is true but, if incorrect citations are adjusted with JIF and (maybe) Web of Knowledge, this has mind-bending implications for citation accuracy and the field of bibliometry.
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