Drag-and-drop intermittent

Hello all.

I'm finding drag-and-drop functionality intermittent using Zotero Standalone 5.0.34 in Windows 10. I have added a large number of PDFs to a collection, and am duplicating a template parent item to save myself repetitively entering metadata that will be the same for each item. When I then try to drag-and-drop a PDF to a parent item, I get the 'crossed out' symbol, indicating that drag-and-drop isn't possible. However, if I wait a while - sometimes quite a long while - it will be working again. So, I'm able to get my task done, but it's taking me much longer than it should. I thought at first (from another thread) that drag-and-drop might simply be disabled when a sync was in progress, but even when I wait until the sync indicator has stopped spinning, I still have the problem.

Does anybody have a solution to this frustrating issue?

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