BETA: While editing an author name: An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero

Zotero beta issue: 5.0.35-beta.8+d857a813b

I imported an RIS file from the TRID database. One of the author names -- a single field could be selected but I couldn't insert the cursor to make an edit (Australia was listed as "Auustralia"). Upon clicking to another field, I received the error-restart message.

Report ID1609957082

I restarted Zotero and went to the list to edit the record. I tried to change the type from journal article to report. Although the Item type label changed to report, the Zotero list of fields didn't change and remained as the journal article list of fields.

See: 2018-01-28 17.16.58.png?dl=0

2nd Report ID 889411367

Here is the RIS:

AN - 00495566
JO - Publication of: Elliott (BJ) and Associates
PB - Elliott (BJ) and Associates
AU - Elliott, B
AU - South, D
AU - Elliott (BJ) and Associates
AU - Department of Transport, Auustralia
SN - 0-644-03339-8
PY - 1983/05
SP - 155 p.
AB - In January 1979 the Office of Road Safety, Department of Transport, Australia, commissioned B.J. Elliott and Associates to develop approaches to drink-driving publicity. In October that year, a detailed interim report (Elliott & Peberdy) specified the options available and recommended a communications strategy. These options were based upon original research conducted by one of the authors in Tasmania, together with a thorough review of relevant existing literature and communication efforts from around the world. The strategy deviated from traditional approaches being aimed at the "associate" of the drink-driver, and also in attempting a positive modelling approach, rather than highlighting the negative consequences of the undesirable behaviour. The target audience chosen was the associates of drink-drivers, especially those over 30 years of age. Tasmania was chosen for the purpose of developing and assessing a pilot campaign involving television, radio, press, outdoor advertising and public relations activities. Evaluation of the pilot campaign involved a controlled field experiment, utilising before-and-after surveys of self-reported drinking and drink-driving behaviour in an experimental and control city, with a switch-over experimental design. Positive results were obtained but some effects were not very sizeable in magnitude. The report concludes with a brief statement regarding the future use of the mass media as a result of the experience from the pilot "Cronin" campaign.
KW - Before and after studies
KW - Case studies
KW - Deterrence
KW - Drunk drivers
KW - Drunk driving
KW - Effectiveness
KW - Evaluation
KW - Mass media
KW - Measures of effectiveness
KW - Publicity
KW - Safety
UR -
ER -

Clearly TRID mis-labeled this as a journal article when it should have been a report. I've encountered this sort of problem many times and have always been able to simple change the item type in Zotero to the proper type.

I've been having several problems with this import.

Any ideas?

Zotero version: 5.0.35-beta.8+d857a813b

I exported this item from Zotero as RIS edited the resulting file to make it RPRT and re-imported to Zotero and I am able to properly edit it.

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