In last weeks performance problems adding citations to text in Word

I have similar performance problems while inserting citations as described in "Zotero upgrade crashing Microsoft Word" ( I was asked there to start a new thread and to provide a debug id.

"During adding citation on my PC it takes 5-10 seconds until the citation pane appears and every follow-up step (until citation is found etc.) takes simply annoyingly long.

It is worse on my notebook (might be due to WLAN). It is not practical to work there anymore."

Both on my PC and my notebook there are Word 2010 for Windows and Zotero 5.0.34. Sorry, I don't know where to look up the word integration version.

This was done on my PC. I inserted 2 new citations. However, the performance for the 1st one was actually quite good and only the performance in the last step of the 2nd was bad (it is strange, this morning it was not so good).

Then I did the same on my notebook (same document which is in the cloud, same citations). This time the performance was as bad as I experienced it in the last weeks. It took very long until the citation pane showed, long to react with each step.

I'd appreciate help even as I experience a demo effect right now (meaning it works better right now as before).
  • Is this the first time you are working with a document of this size? If you have before, have you also used a footnote citation style? Given that you have 440 citations in the document, it appears that it is actually performing admirably well on your PC, especially given they are footnotes (footnotes tend to be quite a bit slower than in-text citations). We do have some speed improvements in the pipeline and currently available for testing on the Zotero Beta channel, although there still are some bugs that we're ironing out, if you want to try that.
  • I have also been experiencing this issue with Zotero and Word 2016 x64. Even in a small (2 page) document, there is sometimes a noticeable delay between using the "add/edit citation" button and the opening of the menu. I can't always reproduce the problem, however. Sometimes there is a delay of several seconds, and sometimes the menu opens nearly instantly.
  • @mjsulik try temporarily disabling your security software and see if that helps. If not, please start a new thread.
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