Post your ZotFile User-Defined Wildcards here.

Over in another thread here ( I am working on figuring out how to create and use user-defined wildcards in ZotFile. I thought it would be a good idea if there were one place where people could post the user-defined wildcards that they have created.

If you have created any user-defined wildcards please post them here. Please also include a description of how it works as well as how you use it within the renaming format fields so others can learn from what you have done. Please do not just use the "Result-Example" format for your description. Please explain in detail how that example gives that result and why. What conditional logic are you using? Are you using any commands or features that aren't explained on

If you have other questions about how user-defined wildcards work, please post those questions over in or start an entirely new discussion.
  • This sort of information would be best to add to the documentation wiki, rather than starting up many different threads on the forums.
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    AND most people don't know how to edit documentation wikis. PLUS, editing the wiki requires special permission and a separate password. Therefore, you once again exclude everyone who does not already know everything you already know. I am trying to provide an easier means for people to share this information. If, later, someone wants to create a curated gallery of well-designed user-defined wildcards, then THAT would be appropriate to add to a wiki. You do realize that forums are for the clutter so that you can keep your wikis clean and easily understandable, right? The only mention of ZotFile in the documentation wiki is a link to the web page, which I am making an effort to figure out here.

    I am making a good-faith effort to help people learn how to use ZotFile. I don't understand why you would want to try to shut that down.

    Please stop assuming that anyone is trying to be mean or to shut you down. You are tying to contribute to the community; I understand that. But please take a little bit of time to explore how best to do that, and please don’t make frustrated or hostile comments when people offer suggestions on how to be more helpful. A better way to respond would have been to ask how to go about adding to the wiki.
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