Is it still possible to take "snapshots" with the upgrade?
  • Yes. Create new item from current page is good if the item isn't in your database. You can also right click on an item & select "attach snapshot of current page"
  • So the pref for "Automatically take snapshots..." is no longer functional in 2.0b3? When does it function if not for "Create New Item from Current Page"?

  • "Automatically take snapshots..." has only ever applied to "Create New Item from Current Page" and saving via certain translators. Neither should have changed.
  • Two problems, then.

    First, the documentation in "getting stuff into your library", the section "Archive Web Pages", is misleading, since it acknowledges no variation in snapshot generation in "Automatically take snapshots ..." according to translators. (This along with the fact that it never mentions the prerequisite Preference setting.)

    Second, the example used there and in the Quick Start Guide is Wikipedia, and I'm not getting a snapshot with "Create New Item ..." there.
  • Sorry but I'm a tad confused.

    The camera icon is no longer in Zotero. So I can't click that to take a snapshot.

    If I click 'Create Item' a snapshot is NOT created either.

    So, how do I take a snapshot of a page to be viewed later when offline?
  • Hello dporter - to do this manually:

    1) Create a new item from the current page using the button.

    2) Either right click on the new item and select "attach snapshot of currrent page", or click on the attachements tab in the right hand pane when the new item is selected, click on add and select "take snapshot of current page".

    Hope this helps.

    See the discussion here for more information on this topic.
  • If I click 'Create Item' a snapshot is NOT created either.
    Mentioned on the other thread, but that's a bug. When the "Automatically take snapshots..." option is enabled in the Zotero pref, that should include a child snapshot.
  • This is a usability issue, I want snapshots for every item and I don't particularly want to have to do an extra set of clicks to get them. If this isn't a bug, why would you remove the feature? What's the advantage?
  • Dan just noted in the post above yours that the fact that snapshots aren't taken when "create new item from current page" is a bug. It will be fixed.

    The advantage of removing the separate snapshot button is that it simplifies the interface & many were misusing that button.

    Once the bug fix is released, using the translators or create new item button will be able to snapshot pages & there are very few (if any) advantages to having a separate snapshot button.
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