Search "ID" Field ?

What is the name of the field that contains information such as "4GH2JTUD"? It can be searched from the simple search. Is it also searchable from a saved search? Thx, m
  • If you set the search to All Fields and Tags, the item should show up.
  • edited January 23, 2018
    How do I save that? I want to search for several in a single search, repeatedly. m
  • I'm afraid that's not possible. What's the use case?
  • Yes, can you describe exactly what you are trying to do? I’m not understanding.
  • Well, I wanted to isolate 20-30 works (my library is huge) then search the notes attached to them from the quick search field. I know that I can assign a unique tag to each and make a saved search that will do the trick. (I suppose I could drag each into a common folder, too.) But I thought that it would be easier to use a preexisting ID for the same purpose. I have a number of works with similar titles, reprints, etc.
  • I'm not really understanding how a preexisting ID is any easier than just dragging the items you want to a collection and searching from there. That seems like exactly the way you would isolate 30 items and then search them from the quick search field.
  • It is because I am aggravated that many, many times when I drag an item into a folder it does not show up until I restart JurisM. It's highly annoying.
  • You should report that bug, then.
  • "Invalid response from repository."
  • I mean report it to the developer of Juris-M.
  • Sorry, I am a little slow. I suppose I should cut and paste the message, email to the dev.
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