Sync Zotero database with cloudstorage like Dropbox, Onedrive etc

So I'm a cheap student and is about to use Zotero for when I'm writing my thesis. The free plan that Zotero has isn't enough storage for my references, I will have alot of pdfs so I was thinking that it would be possible to sync the database with my Mega Cload storage(works just like dropbox or simillar services) as I got a desktop running W10 and a laptop running Arch Linux.

I installed Zotero on both machines and created a new folder in my cloud storage folder called Zotero which then both installations points to. As described here:
It should work when using an external drive, so this solution should work to. The problem is that it isn't. Take the following scenario:

Desktop saves a reference.

Laptop can see the new reference.

Laptop saves a reference.

Desktop can't see the new reference

Close Zotero on laptop and open again, still can't see new reference.
  • No, that's not at all what's described in the linked page. You should not store your data directory in cloud storage, and doing so will almost certainly corrupt your database.

    You can store the 'storage' directory in cloud storage if you symlink it in, but the data directory itself shouldn't be there.

    After moving the data directory out of cloud storage, you should check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Ok, so they way to go is to sync the storage folder. I've googled but not found any guide for this.
  • I recommend you use the Zotfile plugin to organize and store your files in a cloud folder. See the link dstillman gave above.
  • Alright, I managed to do it. Made a video tutorial for future use:
  • Rather than post a new discussion, this has been an ongoign issue for me (and I think many others) over the past few years; many of us work on multiple computers (for my - home PC, laptop, and work PC), syncing between them is a standard now.

    Are there any plans (or can there be), for better handling of cloud storage in Zotero? An option to select the service we are using, and nominate a folder would be fantastic. To have to resort to hacks and plugins for what is a basic feature seems deeply unsatisfying, creates risk of losing things due to incorrect setups (mine is a bit of a mess), and doesn't make adopting Zotero that attractive to new users.
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