Any student discount?

Is there price discount for student?
  • No, sorry. Zotero is usable without web storage or with 3rd party web storage like webDAV, but there's no discount for Zotero's own files storage.
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    To be clear. Zotero (the computer program) is free to everyone. Also free is a limited amount of storage for attachments such as pdf documents -- larger storage for attachments is available at a reasonable cost. Back-up storage of your Zotero data is free -- even for libraries containing thousands of records.

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  • Summarizing what has been said with a bit more detail:

    - Zotero on your computer is free. Zotero's real power and benefit are through the computer program. No restriction on what you store on your computer.

    - Zotero online is also free, but it has fewer features than the computer program. The website and computer program stay in sync with your Zotero profile.

    - The online version has unlimited metadata storage, so it does not matter how many items you have in your Zotero library. The online storage has limitations for the file attachments (which are unlimited on your local computer). So, in short, if you want your attached files to be available online and sync across computers via Zotero's servers, **then and only then** do you need to pay for Zotero.

    - You can attach files as links. And the files can be in a Dropbox or Google Drive type folder. In this case, the attachment files will sync across computers via your cloud storage (Zotero servers are NOT involved). The disadvantage here is that the attachment files will not be available in your online Zotero account.
  • Just to be clear, if I pay for Unlimited Storage, will all my attached files available to me across computers without exceptions and limitations? Total size of my file attachments is more than 40 GBs.
  • Thank you, bwiernik.
  • Hi there, how can we get the student discount? @bwiernik @yavuztuyloglu

    Thank you!
  • As I say above, there is no student discount.
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