CMD-Shift-S stopped working for copying citations

Report ID: 1221843655

When I hit cmd+shift+S, nothing is copied to the clipboard. All other keyboard shortcuts work. I haven't customized any of the shortcuts. I am running zot 5.0.34 standalone on mac high sierra 10.13.2
  • What do you have selected as your default export format?
  • CMOS 17th ed. (author-date)
  • The default shortcuts are Cmd+Shift+C for references and Cmd+Shift+A for citations. Check the shortcuts tab in the Advanced Preferences pane. Do you have the shortcuts set to the defaults or to something different (such as Cmd+Shift+S)?
  • Thanks, yes I changed it to S. I will try changing letter when I am back at that computer. I checked global shortcuts in other apps and couldn’t find any that would be interfering but that is one possibility.
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