Can't add tags by drag-and-drop to items in the results of a saved search

Unlike items selected from "My Library", items selected from the results of a saved search can't have tags added to them by dragging them onto the tag name in the tag selector.
  • You gotta hand it to people like Andrew who just dive in and tell us all what they find--all in about 3 days. (And even more to the developers who seem able to act on such input so constructively and quickly). Seems like a very reasonable feature request to me.
  • Andrew: If you mean that tags not already associated with items in the search results don't show up in the tag selector, try clicking "Display all tags". If you mean something else, please explain further.
  • Hey Dan,

    What I thought I found was that I couldn't drag items from the middle pane onto a tag in the tag selector, if the middle pane contained the results of a saved search. However, that seems to work fine when I test it now. So either it happened due to a more complicated sequence of events than I thought, or it was just superstition or some other kind of error on my part. Better just ignore it for now.
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