How I can add hyperlinks to related Zotero items in notes?

I would like to be able to add a hyperlink to another item in the Zotero in the notes. For example:
"This article describes the improvement of the methodology by Author (YYYY)" where Author (YYYY) will be linked to the other item in the Zotero.

Currently, I can define related documents (which are the hyperlinks to these items in Zotero) but I cant add this link directly to the notes. If I have only one related document then it is sufficient, but If I need more than one related document, then it is not user-friendly.

An alternative should be starting list of related documents by first author name and year. Currently, there is only the Title of item.
  • Use the Zutilo plugin to copy Zotero Select links and paste them into the notes.
  • Great, thanks. It is not so intuitive, but it works.
  • Any fingerposts on how exactly this works ? I found the plugin and was able to install the xpi, but how do I now "copy Zotero Select links". This sounds greatly useful...
  • Zutilo adds actions to the right click menu when you right click on an item, including this one. You can customize which actions are added in the Zutilo preferences window (in the Tools menu).
  • Amazing, thanks for the quick reply. Exactly what I needed!
    For future reference, the "Copy select item links" is the right option to generate a Zotero hotlink, can be used in external knowledge bases (Obsidian, MkDocs etc...)
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