Date in CMS map citation

I input map information into Zotero

Item Type: Map
Title: California: Yosemite Quadrangle
Cartographer: U.S. Geological Survey
Type: 30-minute series quadrangle
Scale: 1:125,000
Date 1909
Archive: Historic Topographic Map Collection

and the CMS 17th footnote was output like so:

U.S. Geological Survey, California: Yosemite Quadrangle, 1909, 30-minute series quadrangle, 1:125,000, 1909, Historic Topographic Map Collection,

Why is the date appearing twice?
  • I ran into a similar problem with the Artwork Item type, which I used for a photograph.

    Title: John McClaren and John Muir at McCloud River, California
    Artist: Herrin, William F.
    Date [ca. August 1914]
    Archive: John Muir papers....
    Location in Archive: MSS048.f26-1447.tif

    and the footnote was output with two dates. It also ignores the [ca. ], which is important to include in this citation.

    William F. Herrin, John McClaren and John Muir at McCloud River, California, August 1914, August 1914, MSS048.f26-1447.tif, John Muir Papers, Mss48, Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library,

  • @adamsmith Could you take a look?
  • Was this looked into?
  • No, CMS changes are still on my list.
  • You can't get Zotero to display ca. in dates, though, sorry.
  • Well, in fact you can: Put `issued: 2018?` in the “Extra field”, and use a style like water-sa.csl to see for yourself. It’s just the CMS styles that would need to be patched.
  • ah yes, apologies, just doesn't work via the regular data field. We can take a look.
  • The more important problem is that the date August 1914 shows up twice in the footnote. Can that be fixed?
  • The date is still showing up twice in the map footnote as well.
  • edited August 28, 2018
    Are there fixes planned for these item types?
  • Yes, they are still planned, but @adamsmith appears to not have had a chance yet.
  • sorry, I somehow thought I had included this in my last CMS fix. Will try to actually do this asap.
  • The problem with the date appearing twice in citations for item types Map and Artwork has not been fixed. Of course, these citations could be edited, but that would break the links to the Zotero library, which I am trying to avoid.
  • @dorner with apologies for the delay, this should now finally be fixed for all Chicago styles
  • I am also experience the same problem with artwork date duplication. How do I fix this? I understand that I can manually edit the footnote, but this breaks the link with Zotero.

    I am not using "ca." just simply trying to cite artwork and the date (in my case just the year) is appearing twice in the footnote.

    Zotero version: 5.0.82
    Microsoft Word for Mac version: 2019 / 16.34
    Style: CMS 17th full note
  • @adamsmith excuse me but I am not sure this was fixed unless there is a bug specific to my system. What do you think? Thank you!
  • No, sorry, this was fixed but I introduced a regression some months later.

    If you're in a rush, you can use this style: (right-click --> save link as and then install using double-click) but obviously we'll fix this as soon as possible
  • The map item type citation problem is also not fixed.
  • see above, same explanation
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