Citing Codes List: bk. 12, ch. 3, v. 45, l. 33-56

Because of digitization of literature I reference various divisions of a work and then finally page number or line.

I know prefix is preferred method, but I do need to have the references separated from other prefix material.

I cannot find a full list of Zotero abbreviations for long references: for instance;

ch. 2, sec. "The Impossible Dream", p. 34-36 works extremely well, but I have had to guess the codes (I was using chap. which was wrong).

I really need a list for my thesis as a variety of obscure works many of them digitised in various editions, need to give the reader some 'search room'; to subsidise reliance on page number (especially for epub versions).
  • I don't fully understand the question, but I think citeproc-js recognizes the labels under "locators" here: (the page is for an add-on, but that's irrelevant for you)
  • adamsmaith as always you came through with exactly what I was after.

    I type into the 'page' entrybox of the cite dialog a stream of common separated identifiers. I had no idea it was associated with 'odf scan' and now you have given the full list I was after.

    This makes a very big difference to me.

    Many thanks once again.
  • just to be clear, it's not associated with the ODF scan other than that they share a developer (Frank Bennett) and he uses the same shortforms both for ODF Scan and for the citation processor.
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