[Feature request] Connectors detecting emails


A modest request: could the browser connectors recognised emails? Could translators be updated to detect e.g Google Inbox, etc?
  • Zotero will import the gmail print view of messages. Everything else on gmail is too dynamic to be usable for import.
  • I'm actually not getting it to work: might you walk me through it? It still gets added as a "web page" with the title "Inbox - [my email address]" as tht title, and no other metadata.
  • Click on the printer icon at the top right of the message in gmail. The message will open in a new window. Click away the printer dialog that will likely open. You should then see the Zotero icon convert into an e-mail icon.
  • After trying it, it seems that works with classic Gmail, but not with Inbox, and it doesn't look like it would be straightforward to make it work with Inbox. I have one suggested feature adjustment that would make it work with Inbox, though: have Zotero detect the output of "Show Original" from Gmail (which functions correctly in Inbox) and translate that into an email object. Do-able?
  • Probably doable, but that output looks super ugly because it has the whole RFC header. Is that really worth it?
  • In my case, worth it, yeah, because pretty soon I'm going to be doing some interviews by email.
  • Just an update on this: it isn't working with the current Gmail design.
  • This works for me on my gmail account, but then I'm never quite sure what the "current" design on gmail is given the various experiments they're running, new layouts they're testing etc.
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