A minimalist author date (Harvard) style?

Could anyone recommend a minimalist author date (Harvard) style?

Sometimes when writing grants, every line, word and character counts, and I want to include only the absolutely necessary information.

I want a style that:
* abbreviates references with more than two authors to "[first author] et al";
* uses an ampersand (&) instead of "and" in multi-authored references;
* skips the redundant "p. " for the page number;
* only includes minimal information (i.e., no URLs, especially not with the redundant "Retrieved from [url]", no DOIs, etc) in the bibliography;
* abbreviates journal names;
* skips the long title if there's a short title.

Etc. Of course, I could edit citations and the bibliography by hand, but I'd rather have Zotero do it for me…

Any suggestions? Is there such a style already or would I have to create it myself?
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