Link to WebDAV attachments

Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere - I've just tried out the new website features after upgrading to zotero 2.0 - fantastic!! I love the new collaboration features, and the layout is super.

One request - I use JungleDisk for my WebDAV storage, and this has a web interface (as several services offer). It would be great if I could enter the base URL somewhere in my config and have the attachments linked so I could click straight through (after auth'ing etc.).

Thanks for the hard work! Regards, Mark
  • AFAIK, WebDAV sync still uses .zip/.prop files. However, you can search the forums for threads re. plans for storing uncompressed copies on a server & other requests to make the link to these viewable on the Zotero server.
  • Apparently something like this is on the radar, if not yet the roadmap.
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