[Jurism] Adaptations to European civil law jurisdictions

Dear all,

I'd like to connect to those Juris-M former MLZ users that exploit it for civil law jurisdictions in Europe (e.g. @Gracile for France, @jeroenwasteels for Belgium). The fields and rules originate from a common law perspective. It would make sense to discuss among us how to use the current version for civil law style referencing and perhaps advance suggestions to Frank Bennett on how Juris-M could be made more compatible to continental European citation rules.

I also envisage the possibility of a small scale project to somehow favour a permanent European working group in support to Frank's work. Users from academia are especially welcome, as institutional involvement may be encouraged on the way, but anyone willing to contribute and maybe familiar with CSL should drop me a line.

Feel free to mail me at alexander DOT schuster AT unitn.it. I could not find a way to message forum users...


  • You can send messages by clicking on the user name in a thread and clicking the Send Message button.

    Also, have you seen the Style development links on http://juris-m.github.io
  • @bwiernik Send message button? I can't find it.
  • Sorry, I guess it just says “Message” now. In the upper right corner of the forum user profile screen.
  • @bwiernik, I am sorry, I can't find the message button.
    Anyhow, yes, I am aware of the Style development links. However, it seems appropriate to change some label, use some fields and agree on some basic syntax among basic jurisdictions. It's not just how you use and order data in the Juris-M fields to make the correct citation. It's also what fields you use to store the required information if an intuitive field is missing. It's about developing translators for EURLEX and HUDOC at same time in the future, for instance, or including again in the future ECLI in the Zotero wand. All this is very specific to Europe.
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    @bwiernik You said:
    Sorry, I guess it just says “Message” now. In the upper right corner of the forum user profile screen.

    I think I recall this option in the distant past but currently I can't find a "Message" button or link on your profile screen (or on my own profile screen) when viewed with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

    I can understand the no contact issue could be a privacy control.

    Could this depend on role status?

    I see that both of us are role=member.

  • I'm just a regular user, so I don't think role status is doing anything here.
  • Now I see how to send messages to user, thanks!
    I still hope to read comments on how to improve the use of Juris-M in continental Europe!
  • Hi @alexanderschuster ,

    While I approve of your intentions, I'm afraid I don't have the time for a permanent engagement. I work for the government (so not an academic ;) ) and wether I have the energy to work on juris-m/zotero depends on the workload throughout the year.

    I'd be fine with answering specific questions genre 'where did you store this info' however. When I finish the V&A style, it'll need to include a 'use this field for this info' doc so I very much know what you mean.

    Perhaps localized field name translations could help with that? Might be worth a suggestion to Frank.
  • Thank for reacting to my invitation, @jeroenwasteels
    This is not intended to be a permanent engagement, as I hope domestic citation styles are permanently reviewed. Indeed, they are fairly static. I hope there'll be the possibility to build a small group of brainstormers from Old Europe and submit some suggestions to Frank.
    I'll be happy to see the outcome or draft of your work, once it's done. Even if it's in Dutch, I should get the gist of it.
  • Dear @jeroenwasteels,

    I was wondering if you have made any progress in regard to the V&A style.
    I've adapted the universite-de-liege-droit stylesheet to work with books, cases, articles, legislation, and case-law (except for the correct ordering). Testing by colleagues, albeit limited, has been positive so far. I've made a preliminary document containing the 'where did you store this' information, although I think that looking into a solution such as localized field name translations would be beneficial.
    Maybe it would be interesting to collaborate on this given that I don't have the time for a permanent engagement too?


  • @alexanderschuster : thank you very much, I've replied to your message.
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