What does the column called "system" record?

The center pane has a column called "system". None of my library items has an entry in it and I do not see a field where I could enter a value for it. What is it's role, please?

Ideally, I would like to use it as a second "extra" field if possible.

Thank you, Stefan
  • It's only used/available in computer program, I believe.
  • If you need a second “Extra” field, Call Number is available on all items and is not used for any citation styles.
  • Thank you to both of you.

    Indeed, if I create an entry "Computer program", "System" appears as an editable field.

    And the field "Call number" exists for most printable stuff which would thus serve my purpose. I will have to remove a few library shelf marks of books which sneaked into this field but that should be fine.

    As always - impressed by the speedy helpfulness of the Zotero forums. It is known that information cannot travel faster than with the speed of light - but these forums might represent an exception! :-)

  • FYI: Unfortunately call number does not currently exist for Item Types Bill, Blog Post, Case, E-mail, Forum Post, Hearing, Instant Message, Patent, Podcast, Presentation, Statute, or Web Page (although libraries do collect most of these), so it can't be used as a second Extra field throughout.
  • Thanks pjweiss, that's helpful.

    I indeed checked that "call number" is available for the items I need ("most printable stuff").

    If would, of course, be quite nice if Zotero offered two or three "extra" user-definable options for columns but it might be too much overhead or go against some overarching principles keeping the software close to a specific purpose or model. (I do not mean to criticise Zotero here!)

    Bye, Stefan

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