Adding citations in Libre openoffice, jumps to end of document

When I add a new citation in the middle of a document, in Libreoffice, using the OO plug-in the screen will jump through the document updating references, and leave off at the last reference entered. It is obviously necessary, particularly if using numbered citations, to update all the citations when adding a new one in the middle of the doc.

This did not happen using the MSWord versions.

It seems a simple programming fix, that places temporary place holder by the added citation, then returns to it at thee end would create a fix. I am not a coder, so forgive me for telling those who build and maintain this marvelous software something I am sure you already know. :)
  • What version of LibreOffice are you running and what operating system?
  • LO with Windows 10, and same version on Linux Ubantu running on chromebook
    (Linux works great on a chromebook, using LibreOffice and Zotero, for anyone looking for cheaper computer options)
  • What citation style are you using?
  • It happens differently with different styles.
    Using a numbered style, like BioMed Central, it skips through changing each reference till it reaches the last citation field in the document.
    Using a non-numbered style, like Am. Psych Assoc, 6th ed, it may jump to the middle of the document somewhere after changing another field that uses the same reference.
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