Title window closing during input

I am having a consistent problem in which the title window closes while I am typing data in the box. I will be mid-way through typing in the information when it erases everything I've typed and I have to start all over again. It is especially problematic if I am changing text that was already there. Very frustrating. It's not about an outdated version because the problem has been going on for awhile. I thought subsequent updates might correct it, so I was waiting awhile to report it. Can you help?
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    Can you submit a Debug ID (from the Help menu) that contains one of these events (start logging, Edit an item so that the field is blanked out like you say, then stop logging and submit)?

    See https://www.zotero.org/support/debug_output
  • 1533857164

    OK. Submitted under the above ID. Hope I did this right.
  • That’s an Error Report ID not a Debug ID. See the link I posted above.
  • Done. This time, it didn't close the title window but the author's window. Deleted the data when I clicked the + sign to add another.
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    Another - this time it deleted my inputs to the title window while I was inputing and closed the window. This is the most common problem.
  • Thanks — this is a known issue. If you move a child item under or out of a parent item (or create a parent item and child item) and then start editing a field within 15 seconds, the field is closed when the auto-sync kicks in and reverts to its previous value.

    I've fixed this in the latest 5.0 Beta, and the fix will be included in 5.0.34 within a few days.
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