Google Books link / Amazon link

When I add a book to Zotero using the browser connector, and the website I'm adding from is Google Books or Amazon, a child item (a link to GB or Amazon) is always created. Is there any way to add the book without creating the child item?
  • Currently, I added the book from the Google Books and no child item was added. Can you provide exact URLs?
  • LiborA, a Google Books or Amazon link is generally added when the full text of the book is not available from the page. If the full text is available, the link is imported to the URL field.

    There is no easy way to disable the links being added. But these won’t really impact your usage (they only serve to take you back to the Amazon/Google Books Page—these links shouldn’t be stored in the URL field because that field should only include the location of the full text for citation purposes).
  • Can you explain why they are automatically added in the first place? I have all of the 'automatically add' preferences unchecked, and it doesn't seem that other item types do this.
  • because they're links and not snapshots, i.e. don't take up any place either online or on the harddisk, so there's no real cost involved and the snapshot prefs don't apply.
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