Z5 Standalone, Group Libs - PDFs not sync'ed


Z5.0.33 on Win 7 with Group Libs, free storage tier. When copying a collection from main lib to a group lib, some PDFs move, most don't and those who move don't show up on other machines with Z5 sync'ed, but the entries with everything else do get sync'ed just no the PDFs. Tried to research on the forums - no solutions. Still have some free space on Z storage, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Thank you for any info/advice! And a Happy New Year!
  • What type of group library? Only private groups can store attachments.
  • The group is private. Some attachments are stored but most are not. Let me debug it further. Thank you for the reply!
  • Presumably you can directly attach PDFs to items in the group?

    One thing that could be going on is that you're dragging items that already exist in the group (but without attachments). You can't drag an item to a group multiple times.
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