How to move entries from one collection to another?

Ok, this is a pretty basic question – which is why it's pretty frustrating to have to ask it (it seems that either I'm an idiot, or the Zotero interface has some design problems). Here goes: I'm trying to *move an entry from one collection to another*. That's it. I hope you'll forgive me if my initial assumption was that I could move an entry simply by dragging it from one collection to another, since that's how moving is implemented in virtually every other comparable app. I soon realized that this action *copies*, rather than moves, the entry. I then figured that I'd need to delete the entry from the original collection. This seemed to work for a few entries, but after a I while I realized that some of the entries that I deleted from the original collection were also deleted from the collection they were copied to. I ended up losing a bunch of references as a result. Could someone please explain why this is happening. As I mentioned, this issue – whereby every instance of an entry is deleted, even if it has copies in other collections – seems to hold for some entries, but not for others. Is this because some entries were 'merged' and others not? Or because I happened to change a setting at some point? What is the best practice for moving (without copying) an entry from one collection to another? What is the best metaphor for conceptualizing how entries in Zotero work?

(Again, it's somewhat bizarre and frustrating to have to ask this question. I would've thought that software developers had figured out their basic UI design metaphors at least 20 years ago...)
  • Think of collections like playlists or photo albums, not folders. As in most software with this model, dragging items simply adds the item to the destination. Similarly, deleting from the library root moves to the trash, while deleting from a collection simply removes from the collection.

    From Collections and Tags:
    To move items between collections, hold down Cmd (Mac) or Shift (Windows/Linux) when dragging items to the new collection.
    I'd recommend reading through that page to understand better how this works.
  • Thanks for your help!
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