Proxy question https://%h/%p

Zotero is redirecting (nearly?) all of my traffic on my school network through this proxy:


It has two other proxies set up (specific to my school network) in addition to this one.

I'm just curious why it would set up this seemingly generic proxy, and whether I should remove it or change the settings. I do have 'Automatically associate new hosts' checked on this and on one other proxy, but I don't remember doing that on purpose.
  • Do you know how recent the entry is? There shouldn't really be a way for Zotero to automatically add a proxy like entry like this, but if you used Zotero for Firefox before, then the Connector would have imported entries from there, although even Zotero for Firefox shouldn't have had something like this unless manually created.

    Either way, you should probably remove it. It serves no purpose and could potentially cause issues.
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