Double names - first only

In the CSL, is there any way to drop the second of double names, ie
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
to become
?(Felix is the given, Mendelssohn and Bartholdy the family name(s).
I need this for subsequent citations, with author and short title.
  • No. Zotero’s CSL processor can pull out participles (like “van der”) from the Family Name field, but can’t separate multi-part family names. In general though, if an author uses both family names to identify themselves, wouldn’t it be more correct to always include both in citations?
  • Yes, it is just a very special case here, to complicated to explain. No worries.

    While at it: particles like van should be entered as part of the family name, and then they will be automatically dropped? Where will it end up when using a format
    family, given
    in the bibliography?
  • See

    Lowercase text before the family name will be treated as non-dropping particles. Lowercase text after the given name will be treated as dropping particles.

    Whether dropping or non-dropping particles are dropped is controlled by the style. For example, APA doesn’t ever drop any particles.
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