How to determine library size

If I pass the storage limit how can I know library size?
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    You can increase your storage limit on the website until it syncs — it'll simply adjust your expiration date accordingly.
  • Except my issue is the opposite. I have passed the 6GB storage limit and want to try and reduce it. Is there no way to check size via the standalone?
  • No, the library on the web isn't the same size as the one locally and there's no way to predict by how much they differ (the web library zips files, which has almost no effect on some files such as PDFs and big effects on the size of others such as website snapshots).
  • So at the moment, I have gone over 6gb, but have no idea by how much. So I am unable to know if I should cut down my library or purchase the unlimited? It's a little hand-tying if you know what I mean. Surely there's some way for me to know by how much I have gone over?
  • I’d really just recommend upgrading to unlimited. If you hit 6gb once, you are very likely to hit that (or exceed it) again in a relatively short order.
  • Surely there's some way for me to know by how much I have gone over?
    @arisilbermann: You can view your storage usage in your storage settings on the website.
  • right, but that reflects the fact that file sync stops once you're over the quota, right? So there's no way they could reasonably find out how many files to delete to get back under the quota
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    You can switch to Unlimited and then sync to view the total usage (and then switch back if you want to delete files).
  • When i want to check my storage (made mostly of PDF docs, given the way I manage my library) I dothe following:
    -right-click a random pdf in the library
    -click "show file"
    you'll find yourself in the file's folder in the zotero storage on your pc
    -go up one or two levels, until you see the "storage" folder for Zotero
    -right click the folder
    -click "properties"
    It usually gives me a good idea of how heavy my zotero files are

    I hope this helps
    Cheers :)
  • My storage folder (from Anna's suggestion) shows up 1.19 GB in size, and the size of my library in Zotero's web page shows up as 1198.6 MB so I believe this is a pretty accurate way to know the size of your library indeed.
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