Most of my html snapshots have suddenly disappeared

I've been snapsotting html versions of a lot of journal articles and using the new highlight/sticky-note feature to annotate them. I just realized that all but a few of them are now nonexistent. I thought maybe they had just been unlinked, but I listed all the contents of zotero/storage/*/*.htm* and found that the articles I was looking for were not there. I'm not ruling out human error on my part, but I can't imagine myself deleting a bunch of html files.
  • As in, the files are missing, or the Zotero snapshot items have also disappeared?
  • I mean the files are neither listed as snapshots in Zotero nor as files in storage/*.
  • I can't think of any way that both the items within Zotero and the accompanying files in the storage folder would be deleted other than by human intervention (and without clicking through a confirm prompt)...
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