cursor in note fields

the problem with the cursor jumping back to top of field has been resolved with the new version. but i am still having some trouble writing in the fields. if i don't pass from one field to the next with the tabulator button, but simply click on a field, the cursor is there for a second, but then disappears again (there seems to be some kind of rearranging of the formular view). it only works after the second try.
  • Sorry, I'm not totally understanding the issue here. Can you explain what you're doing, step by step?
  • let's say that i open a formular to create a document (right pane). the cursor will already be placed in the field "title". i write something in this field.

    then i place the cursor into another field, like "date" for example. for a second, the cursor is in this field, but then the pane "rebuilts" and the cursor is gone again.

    i see now that it is linked to the fact that i did not click on "return" when i had finished writing in the field "title" or moved the cursor with the tabulator function. perhaps it is some sort of saving function? anyway, it disturbs the process of filling in text in the formular, if one does not want to click through all the fields.
    hope it is clearer now what I mean
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