Help with extra periods before et al

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what would cause me to have extra periods in front of et al. This is a custom style and I've put it through the validator which shows no errors. But when I have et al in the bibliography, it shows as Ahlborg, U. .. et al.
  • We'd have to see the style code. If you copy-paste the style at, create a private "gist", and share the URL of the gist here, we can take a look.
  • (that didn't go through or you forgot to post the actual link)
  • are you sure that's the style you've been testing this with? Because
    a) That doesn't produce periods before et al and
    b) it uses "et autres" instead of et al.

    For me this gives in text: (Accadia et autres, 2012)
    Bibliography: Accadia, T. et autres (2012). « Virgo: a laser interferometer to detect gravitational waves », dans Journal of Instrumentation, vol. 7, no 03, issn : 1748-0221, doi : 10.1088/1748-0221/7/03/P03012, p. P03012-P03012.
  • It's a French style. It gives me
    AHLBORG, U. .. et autres (1994). Toxic Equivalency Factors for Dioxin-like PCBs: Report on WHO-ECEH and IPCS consultation, vol. 28, p. 1049-1067.
  • with any item type? And this is in Zotero? How exactly are you testing it?
  • I saved the style using the CSL Editor and loaded it into Zotero Standalone. Then put the reference in my Word document with the Zotero add-in putting the style in the preferences.
  • And this happens in a new document? And you've tested with multiple references? Also, see my question about item type -- does this happen for all et al's or just for some item types?
  • It's a journal article. I'm trying to find another reference that has a lot of authors to see if it gives the same result. I think I'll have to create a test one, can't find one in my library
  • What you paste above is not a journal article cited with the citationstyle you put on github. See my citation above, generated with your style. Your style puts guillemets around the article title (among other difference).
  • I just tried another one, and it is good like yours.
    Ahlborg, U. .. et autres (1994). « Toxic Equivalency Factors for Dioxin-like PCBs: Report on WHO-ECEH and IPCS consultation », dans Chemosphere, vol. 28, no 6, p. 1049-1067.

    Wu, W. Z. et autres (2001). « Long-Term Toxic Impact of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on the Reproduction, Sexual Differentiation, and Development of Different Life Stages of Gobiocypris rarus and Daphnia magna », dans Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, vol. 48, no 3, issn : 01476513, doi : 10.1006/eesa.2000.2013, p. 293-300.
  • I'd double-check the Ahlborg reference. There's something wrong with it in Zotero.
  • OK, thanks for your help. When I look at it, I don't see anything wrong with it, but you never know. I'll try to download from the web using the DOI number
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