right click to save PDF from link does not work with Zotero Connector

Zotero: 1356509593
Connector: 1916742080

I went to this page: https://www.djp3.net/massively-distributed-authorship-academic-papers/

I mouse over the link "local copy" and right click.

I hover over "Zotero Connector" in the menu that appears, which creates a sub-menu with the option "Save to Zotero". When I mouse over that, nothing happens.

By contrast, if I right click somewhere else on the page and follow a similar process, the sub-menu opens up and I am given the option to save the webpage.
  • By the way, I am on FF 57.0.1.
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    Not being able to save the PDF that way is a known issue, but you're actually not doing either of these the ideal way.

    Both pages should just be saved using the Save to Zotero button in the toolbar.

    For the first link, which uses embedded metadata, you'll need to make a few edits to the metadata in Zotero, and you can drag the PDF link on top of the item to add it as an attachment.

    For ADS, you should already get high-quality metadata.

    There are other ways to save PDFs and BibTeX to Zotero, but neither of those are necessary here.
  • Thanks for the reply! However I don't want to save the first URL. I also don't want to "drag" the PDF since that requires many extra steps (particularly in my setup using a tiling window manager). I will follow the issue you mentioned.
  • For the PDF, see "Are there any features that are no longer available?" on the 5.0 upgrade FAQ for all the other ways you can save PDFs.

    For the BibTeX, if the site served it with a proper content type the connector would prompt you to add it to Zotero automatically. Since the site doesn't do that, you could copy the BibTeX to the clipboard and use "Import from Clipboard…" in Zotero.

    But again, you don't need to do any of these for these particular pages.
  • However I don't want to save the first URL.
    OK, I see what you mean. See the FAQ entry I link to, then. (In this case, assuming you're using default Firefox settings, easiest is just to view the PDF in Firefox and click Save to Zotero, and then use Retrieve Metadata for PDF in Zotero.)
  • OK, that works. I will look forward to the future tighter integration of Zotero as a PDF handler as well!
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