Reset a citation?

Is there an easy way to revert a citation to the original formatting after it has been changed manually?
  • If you mean an in-text Citation, place the cursor in the citation, click Add/Edit Citation, and click the option to discard the manual changes.

    If you mean in the Bibliogrpahy list, if you typed the changes directly into Word, just click Refresh or delete the Bibliogrpahy and re-insert it. If you edited reference using the Zotero Bibliogrpahy editor, click the Add/Edit Bibliography button and then click Revert All.
  • I mean footnote citation, where the text style (ie italics) has been changed using the old dialog editor field.

    I cannot see an option to discard changes.
  • Oh, in that case, open the classic dialog again and click the Hide Editor button. That will revert the changes.
  • Thanks.
    I also occasionally get citations all in italics (this happens after many updates and csl style changes). I find no way to revert them. Generally I just enter them again exactly identically and everything is fine. Is there a way to reset those as well?
  • Well, it's happening in citations in the footnotes, not in the bibliography.

    I can create the identical citation and it will be correct, which seems to me to show that this is not a problem with too large a part being in italics, in fact, this applies especially to citation which contain no italics (although they may have had italics in them in an earlier version of the style).
  • That sounds like something funky going on with Word styling. If you can reproduce it reliably, please post steps to do so.
  • No, sorry, I cannot reproduce it. It just happens from time to time. But it may well have to do with the updated CSL style, which I am still working on.
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