Drag Scannable Cite; Format as Bib Entry?

Is it possible to drag a scannable cite, then have it format as a bib entry (CMS 17)?
  • You need to save your document as an ODT file and then covert it using the RTF/ODF Scan tool in Zotero.
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    I was unclear. Having done what you said, can I make these references appear in bibliographic not footnote form―at the point where I want them; without generating a bibliography? Let me be more precise. I use Scrivener. I want to make a custom bib. I drag fifty references into a Scrivener document (not as notes; in the main doc pane). It's a list. I need them to appear and remain in the order I assigned. I want these to come out in CMS17 as bibliography entries. But I don't want the refresh routine rearranging them its own way. I don't want to break the links yet because I might have data entry errors or other adjustments to make in the database. Am I making sense yet? m
  • no, sorry. They always generate in citation form
  • Okay. Suppose we generate the list as a discrete document (in LibreOffice Writer). Can we make a style to achieve the desired result? Would it be as simple as replacing the citation routine with the bib routine in a in a csl style? If it is that simple I might be able to do it.
  • Yes, I think you should just be able to move the citation section into the bibliography section. The only difficult part is formatting for multiple items -- by default, Scannable Cite would just delimit them with a semicolon. Getting a newline in there may be tricky.

    If you space the scannable cite markers themselves out via newlines, that'll work, of course.
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    Thanks! I did it! Would anyone care to see it? Perhaps someone else might be able to use it? But how do I validate it with an alternate name so that it does not replace the "real" CMoS 17 that I also use? When I run it through the validator it complains about non-compliance with purl.org. Can I bypass or adjust that pointer so that it stops complaining?

    Update. Some of the above may not have made sense. My effort worked. But I realized that when I installed my modified file, it overwrote the name of the real CMoS style in the list of styles that appears in Juris-M. So I went in and changed the title field in my customized file. So they appear as distinct styles now in Juris-M. But, after that, the word processor integration complained of an invalid style when I tried to pick my modified style, from within LibreOffice. I tried (re-)installing the various versions of the word processor integration (Zotero and Juris-M) without success. Then I just started over and rebuilt the modified file from a fresh copy of the real CMoS style. Inserted new name in the title field. Saved. And now it works. So I don't know if it was something in the integration, or if I fat-fingered something originally. But we seem to be up and running with Juris-M and the Juris-M version of the word processor integration.

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