Does Propachi affect any functions other than citations? I am still at 5.0.17 in Juris-M. The main interface behaves oddly at times. My citations seem to come out just fine in CMS. RTF Scan works fine. But it can take forever for the primary interface to load initially. And sometimes it fails to refresh (or refreshes when it ain't s'posed to). m
  • Propachi touches no part of Zotero other than the citation processor, so this issue wouldn’t be caused by that. Can you upgrade to the current version and see if the issue is fixed?
  • Yeah. I'm at (I was going by memory above). I have been (sort of) patiently and (very) quietly waiting. Just thought I'd ask. I am not using any of the the features for jurisprudence. Mainly I use scannable cite to drag refs into Scrivener, then RTF scan to prep for Libreoffice. I was hoping to try the abbrev. option at the right time. Syncing out of JurisM and into Zotero is an option. But I am on the very cusp of finishing a dissertation. I does not seem wise to change anything at the moment. I have to restart JurisM occasionally―but I am still making do. Thanks, m
  • Slower initial loading of the Zotero/Juris-M program is expected if your database is very large (that's the case for both Zotero and Juris-M 5.0). Same with adding new citations to a document that has many already. There is currently an overhaul to the word processor integration in the works that should dramatically speed up citing. For now, the best work around is to insert the citation to a blank empty document then cut-and-paste into your dissertation. Run the Refresh command once at the end to update the formatting.
  • Somewhere else I had complained about the behavior in docs with many footnotes. I just reduced a doc to 75 notes (from probably 400) and the in-doc refresh seemed to work just fine. I don't think that it liked very much that I had 400 notes. It's mainly the "please restart" notifications, or a blank center panel that is slowing things down a bit. I can live with the slow startup, and I do have nearly 4,000 items in the database, plus a buzillion notes, and half-a-buzillion tags. Thanks, m
  • When it arrives, the word processor revamp will make a world of difference. Juris-M will also be able to take advantage of the upgrade.
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