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Hello -

I'm using Zotero 5.0.30. I have unchecked "automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages" in Preferences, as I usually don't need a snapshot. However, I just created a citation from a web page and I want to add a snapshot of that page. I can't find a command to add a snapshot to an existing citation. Is that no longer possible?

I went to the "add attachment" (paper clip) icon / drop-down menu, which is where I believe this used to exist, but there is no option for adding a snapshot. I can understand that since Zotero is now independent of any browser it might not be set up to "know" from which browser (assuming more than one is open) to take the snapshot. But then it seems like the embedded "save to zotero" button in the browser should allow for an easier way to include a snapshot than toggling the preference.

Thanks in advance for any solutions or explanations.

  • I think, you can import the webpage again with snapshot to the same collection and merge this one with original record in Zotero.
  • Thanks. But is there a way to import the webpage with a snapshot other than toggling than the setting in the preference window? In other words, is there a command to import with snapshot once, in a special instance, while leaving the preference set to not include snapshots?
  • yes. Right-click on the save to zotero button should give you that option.
  • Ah, thank you! Not sure why I didn't think to try that...
  • I know this is an older thread, but I too would like to add a snapshot to an existing citation. I can save to Zotero a webpage with a snapshot, but Zotero won't let me merge it to the existing citation. Instead I get a "Merged Items must be of the same type" message. I don't know if it is possible but a right click option to "Save snapshot to the current selection" would be great.
  • bsjdavies - I'd still like that feature to be added. As a workaround, you can add a webpage with snapshot, then expand the citation to show attachments, drag the attached snapshot, and drop it on the existing citation.
  • Any update on this feature? Meanwhile, I cannot get any option by right-clicking the "Save to Zotero" button. Perhaps, this is not possible in new versions of the connector. In any case, it is a very useful feature that should be included.
  • A bit old, but for those who come here through Google as I did, you can easily add a web page snapshot to an existing entry by using drag'n'drop:

    1: Arrange Zotero and the browser side by side on your screen. Make sure that a) the web page you need a snapshot from is opened in the browser and b) the item you want to add the snapshot to is visible in Zotero.

    2: Next to the URL in the browser (typically to the left) there is an small icon that lets you drag the current URL to another program (see here: Drag this *onto* the existing item in Zotero.

    3: The snapshot is created and added to the existing item.

    Make sure you do NOT drag and drop between two items, then it will be added as a new entry.

  • Thank you arild,
    I didn't know that. Perhaps you know a way to add a link to a website easily by drag-and-drop?
  • I can report that on the latest version of Firefox, the right-click to save to Zotero either as a webpage with or without snapshot is still working for me (as is merging with and without snapshot). Another option is to install the SingleFile extension and use Zotfile to 'attach new file' from your downloads (you'll have too add html as an option in the Zotfile preferences). The advantage of this second method is you can highlight and annotate your web snapshot.
  • @joycekwc How do you highlight and annotate your html snapshot ?
  • The SingleFile extension means you can just right-click and annotate: see instructions here. I use Mozilla, but it looks like it's also available on other major web browsers including Chrome/Edge.
  • I'll check it, thanks!
  • @arild thanks for this method, and @adamsmith thanks for the right-click. Feel like I just gained zotero superpowers!
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